Tuckamony Farm | Since 1929

Do you provide saws?
Yes. You may bring your own hand saw, but we DON’T allow chainsaws.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, but your dog must be on a leash at all times. Be aware that there are other dogs that live here.

Do I have to cut my own tree? Most of our customers cut their own, but our staff would be happy to assist you upon request.

Can you help me get it onto my car?

How far do I have to walk to get to the trees?
Our parking and sales areas are all within a few yards of the tree fields, but how far into the the 15 acres of trees you choose to venture is up to you.

Do you drill trees?
Sorry, we no longer maintain the equipment required to drill trees for Stand Strait brand tree stands. We do sell a variety of other tree stands.