Tuckamony Farm | Since 1929

Your holiday decorating is not complete without a bunch of fresh holly from our holly orchard! Our founder Forrest Crooks experimented with dozens of holly varieties before choosing the best trees for our orchard. It is now maintained by his grandson, Lee Crooks.

$15 per bunch

Extra Large Bunches Priced Individually

Caring For Your Holly

In caring for your cut holly the most important thing is water.

On getting home put your holly in a bucket of water, shower, or tub. If used whole, give the stems a fresh cut, or do it the old timey way and smash the base with a hammer. This will expose green wood and let the holly drink.

For outdoor decorating, holly can be used in pots or window boxes. Water well. Indoors, try to keep your holly away from heat sources and change the water often.